Facilities for researchers

NIMAR will help researchers apply for Moroccan research permits, provide its facilities in Morocco and organise activities in Morocco that are open to all researchers. A first step to achieving this will be the development of a database of experts and the creation of a network.

NIMAR can help junior researchers from the Netherlands find accommodation, frame their academic studies and if required its director can supervise or co-supervise them. It can also coordinate grant applications by a consortium of academic establishments.

Senior researchers can spend time at NIMAR as a fellow, and NIMAR can provide workspaces with internet access, accommodation, a library, video conferencing and help applying for research permits and making contact with Moroccan and Dutch colleagues. In return, NIMAR expects them to take an active role in its teaching and research, for example by giving lectures and publishing articles, possibly in collaboration with the Jacques Berque Centre.

PhD candidates and senior researchers from the Netherlands are invited to join NIMAR’s network of specialists. The network has virtual contact through the website and newsletter and real-life contact through lectures, study days, workshops, meetings for PhD candidates and an annual lecture. NIMAR will work together Moroccan and European partners to resume the Moroccan-Dutch conferences, which began in Rabat in 1986 and the last of which was held in Leiden in 2014.