NIMAR offers high-quality bachelor's programs to students from research universities and universities of applied sciences, and is the responsibility of the Leiden University Faculty of Humanities. Situated in Rabat, it provides an excellent location for the study of the language, culture, religion and society of Morocco, the Arab world and West Africa. It also serves as a location for training professionals in the Arab world and Africa.

The Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) is an institute of Leiden University. It is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • facilitates and promotes scientific research by contributing to a productive community of researchers and offering programs that correspond with the research profile of Leiden University and other Dutch universities;
  • disseminates knowledge about Morocco and the region to government agencies, the corporate sector, lawyers, NGOs, journalists and Dutch cultural diplomacy;
  • has a library and helps developing a national collection on Morocco and the Arabic world;
  • offers programs that contribute to the intellectual development of an Islamic cadre in the Netherlands and of young Moroccan-Dutch people.