Training, courses and capacity building

NIMAR will offer courses and periods of study abroad to a wider group of participants within the scope of bachelor’s or master’s programs, ministry training or lifelong learning. It can supervise students during their study, placement or research in Morocco. A period of study in Rabat can include courses at Moroccan institutions, which are always framed by NIMAR in peer review and reflection.

NIMAR will moderate internal Islamic debates and opinions. In all of these activities NIMAR will work closely with the Leiden Islam Academy.

It can also help arrange other activities such as courses and training for the purpose of cadre development and capacity building. Study trips and exchange programs help stimulate the intellectual and social development of young Dutch-Moroccans.

NIMAR can organise programs that enable them to get to know a different Morocco from the one they hear about or see during holidays and family visits. They thus gain a broader, more diverse picture of Morocco and its culture and religion. Activities that increase these young people’s understanding and knowledge of their parents’ or grandparents’ country of origin help them form their own identity and reflect on their role in Dutch society. The program comprises one-week or two-week courses that are offered as an autumn, winter, spring or summer school. The activities can take the form of lectures, excursions, workshops, films or debates. Supervised reflection is an important aspect of the program, and the participants are given assignments in which they report and reflect on the knowledge, insights and experiences that they have gained. They are also given the opportunity to meet young Moroccans and exchange opinions with them.

NIMAR can also facilitate Ministry of Foreign Affairs programs in the field of human rights, for instance courses on gender equality or preventing violence against women or programs aimed at journalists or civil rights organisations. One such program is MATRA-Zuid, a program that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers to professionals from the Arabic world, primarily from Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya.