NIMAR owns a library with study areas. This will also play an active role in gathering and interpreting the many documents that are available in Morocco. It will also help gather a collection on Morocco, North Africa and the Middle East.


NIMAR has a library cum study area for staff, students and affiliated students and researchers. The reading room has between 15 and 20 workspaces, two computers and Wi-Fi. Visitors are expected to bring their own laptop and can use Wi-Fi to gain remote access to the Leiden University Libraries. NIMAR has a reference library with literature needed for the teaching. Its library collection forms an integral part of the Leiden University Library. This also means that NIMAR provides access to the digital library of Leiden University Library to students, staff and affiliated students and researchers.

With the links below, through which an ACCESS file can be consulted, one can download the catalogue of the NIMAR library. Search in “Nimartheek - Boeken” according to the following settings:


Collection development

The new NIMAR intends to develop a collection on Morocco and the region. The Faculty of Humanities has made extra resources available for this. The teaching on North Africa and the Middle East increasingly focuses on modern developments in sociology, politics, economics and Islam, alongside the classic areas of linguistics and literary studies. The extra budget will be used to purchase material in these fields in Arabic and western languages.