Desiree Custers : Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Arab(ic) Literature

The Contemporary Arab(ic) Literature (CAL) project is a digital literary encyclopedia entailing an overview of contemporary Arab(ic) literature to understand recent socio-political developments in West Asia, North Africa (WANA), and other regions where Arab(ic) literature is written and produced, with the goal of:

  • Showing the thematic and topical scope of contemporary Arab(ic) literature for those interested in Arabic and the WANA region;

  • Showing how themes and topics in contemporary Arab(ic) literature relate to each other and to their social, economic, political, and cultural context;

  • Suggesting new ideas for the translation of Arabic literature;
  • Making contemporary Arab(ic) literature more accessible to those new to the Arabic language and the WANA region;

  • Providing references for further information on Arab(ic) literature.