Advisory Council

An Advisory Council supports the director of NIMAR in his work. As NIMAR bears a responsibility to society, various representatives from society sit on the Advisory Council: Ahmed Aboutaleb (Mayor of Rotterdam) as chair, other Dutch-Moroccans, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, administrators, politicians, and representatives from universities of applied sciences and other research universities.

Members of the Advisory Council are:

  • Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb Ing., (Mayor of the city of Rotterdam), chairman
  • Mrs. Dr. Zohra Acherrat, (psychiatrist at the FPC de Oostvaarderskliniek and chairman of the foundation 'Stichting Vrouwen Activiteiten Centrum'),
  •  Mr. Jeroen Roodenburg (The Ambassador of the Netherlands in Morocco)
  • Mrs. Prof. Dr. Marjo Buitelaar (Professor of Contemporary Islam, University of Groningen),
  • Colonel Ali Eddaoudi (Head of Islamic Spiritual Care of the Dutch armed forces), 
  • Mr. Drs. Ron Bormans (Chairman of the executive board, University of Applied  Sciences Rotterdam).