NIMAR has a national role. All students enrolled at institutions of higher education in the Netherlands are welcome. In accordance with agreements that have been reached with other Dutch research universities, students from these universities may participate in NIMAR programs at no extra charge. For students from universities of applied sciences, NIMAR plans to develop programs that correspond with existing requirements. These programs will be offered for the lowest possible fee.

Niels Beijer, student of Arabic about living in a Moroccan family
My new Moroccan friends thought it was hilarious how well I was integrated into Moroccan society.

One of the key tasks of NIMAR is to provide high-quality bachelor’s and master’s courses on Morocco, the Arabic world and Northwest Africa. Wherever possible, the teaching at NIMAR in Rabat will take the same form as the teaching at the Leiden University Faculty of Humanities. These are primarily courses on the language, culture and religion of Morocco and the region. NIMAR will expand its range of courses with a view to new target groups and services with regard to study trips, placements and research, for instance for students of medicine, law and archaeology.

The regular processes will be used to assure the quality of and to evaluate the courses offered by NIMAR. NIMAR provides courses in the form of minors or electives or as a component of a bachelor’s or master’s programme at Leiden University. Ensuring the quality of the courses is the responsibility of the Programme Boards and Boards of Examiners of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Middle Eastern Studies.

Souhaib Ben Kchouch, student about his experiences in Rabat:
Each day seems to have an adventure of its own