28 August 2018

School of Democracy: Engaging with Politics

Eduardo Frei Foundation (EFF) organizes a new series of trainings in Morocco, from September until December 2018. Are you a young adult with ambitious dreams for a better society in Morocco and eager to learn how to make those dreams a reality? Then this is your chance! 

Goals of the training

The trainings series aim to inspire young adults to engage in a dialogue with politics, with civil society and with each other. They are intended for young adults who are interested in political and socio-economic issues from a democratic perspective and include topics such as the role of the state, society and individual in the country. Participants are invited to look at the situation in Morocco, at the possibilities and solutions that are within reach. The trainings are more practical than theoretical and aim to provide the tools and skills to become an active citizen aware of the responsibilities and opportunities.

The topics that will be discussed include theory on politics in Western Europe, Moroccan politics and socio-economic issues, tasks in public life. A lot of attention will be given to training skills: debating, presenting, analyzing, negotiating, lobbying and advocacy, problem-solving in your community via politics and civil society, management of projects,…

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Practical information

The course consists of three training sessions of three days. Selected participants are expected to participate in all of the trainings. The trainings will take place in Rabat from Friday until Sunday.

The training dates are:

28 - 30 September                          Voices of the Youth on Democracy and Political Participation.

2 - 4 November                              The Message in a Bottle: how to get it out.

30 November - 2 December        Have your voice heard.

The trainings are free of charge and participants will be accommodated in a shared room in a hotel in Rabat. Reimbursement of transport costs by train or bus is possible if participants are unable to provide for this themselves.


For you?

You can apply for the trainings if you are:

  • Active in public life, either:
    • Active in a civil society organization
    • Active as a young politician (or have political aspirations)
  • English-speaking
  • Ambitious
  • Able to attend all the three training sessions

If you want to participate, please send your resume and motivation letter in English to nimar@hum.leidenuniv.nl before the 9th of September. We will contact you before 18th of September to let you know if you have been admitted. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


More information about the organizers:

EFF was founded by the CDA (the Christian-democratic party in the Netherlands) in 1990 to encourage the development of democracy in Eastern and Central Europe. Later, the Arabic region has been added to the focus of the EFF. Since 2014, EFF cooperates with the NIMAR to train young adults on how politics and civil society can work together. This year they will be working together with the political foundation of the Dutch Liberal Democrats (VVD) and the think tank of the Green Left Party, De Helling during the first training to talk about the role of youth in politics.

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