16 December 2016

Invitation Exhibition: Nomadic Traces: Typographic Journeys

The team of Dar Bellarj Foundation and the Khatt Foundation invites you to the typography and design exhibition entitled: Nomadic Traces: Typographic Journeys.

The exhibition Nomadic Traces is a reflection on the important role that typography and writings have played across generations, defining the cultural identity of past and present civilizations. It takes writing out of the books and bring it into the fabric of everyday life. It poetically links the past with the present, showing in particular the wealth of Moroccan heritage through its three scripts, Arabic, Tifinagh and Latin. 

The exhibition also displays information illustrating the history of the Maghrebi calligraphy, the Tifinagh script, and the design research project by the Khatt Foundation entitled “Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib.” This project brought together a group of type designers to collaborate on creating three digital font families that combined the Arabic, Tifinagh and Latin scripts, and unified them under one common visual vocabulary and style.

A series of short documentary films will be screened, and events will be programmed for the duration of the exhibition: talks, a book presentation, documentary film screening, workshops and musical events.

Where: at Dar Bellarj in Marrakech Morocco

When16.12.2016 - 16.09.2017

The designers/artists presented in this exhibition are: Amine Bendriouich, Ghita Abi Hanna, Zineb Triki, Laurent Mareschal, Brahim Boucheikha, Andreu Balius, Salah Eddine Bellizi, Juan Luis Blanco, Laura Meseguer, Kristyan Sarkis, Naïma Ben Ayed, Redouan Chetuan, and Jan de Bruin.

If you want to assist at the opening (16 December 2016 18.00—20.00 and 17 December 2016 at 18.30), please confirm your attendance by email to: khatt.foundattion@gmail.com

For more information please visit: www.khtt.net

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