14 January 2021

Hésperis-Tamuda: Anthropological Debates in North African Societies: Past and Present

Hésperis-Tamuda is one of the oldest and most renowned academic journals published in Morocco. It was first founded under the name Hésperis in 1921 by the Institute des Hautes Etudes Marocaines. After Morocco’s independence it was taken over by the Mohammed V University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Rabat. Until this day, Hésperis-Tamuda publishes research that focuses on Morocco, its history, its people, its religions and its culture.

To celebrate the journal’s centennial, the Mohammed V University released Anthropological Debates in North African Societies: Past and Present, a special edition on anthropological research on, in and/or from the countries of the Maghreb, with a special focus on Morocco. This new special edition consists of four volumes with contributions of widely renowned researchers in the field among which Dr. Léon Buskens, the director of NIMAR. Dr. Buskens article, Dutch Anthropologists in Morocco: From Exoticism to Islam at Home, is available online for free on the webpage of Hésperis-Tamuda.