06 April 2021


In 2021, EHESS organizes its very first "EHESS Spring Talks". The event, by means of daily online sessions, aims at promoting EHESS's highly original interdisciplinary, research-based style of pedagogy and training.

These encounters, designed for EHESS's partner institutions' students and scholars around the world, will be, from 2021 on, held every year and each year the offer will be renewed in order to progressively cover the wealth of seminars taught at the Ecole, whereby offering insights into its rich variery of themes and approaches.

This year's 18 online talks, scheduled in May 2021, will mobilize 27 professors who will introduce their audience, in English, Spanish or French, to their research seminars . They will be broadcast at 15:00 (UTC+1) each day, so as to be accessible to the largest number of participants from around the globe.

All talks will be broadcast live via a video conferencing app. The participants to the live sessions will be able to engage with the speakers at the end of each talk. The encounters will also be recorded, thus ensuring hat the widest possible audience may access them offline.

The procedure explaining how to join the live sessions will be notified to the participants upon registration.

For further information please visit the EHESS website.