16 September 2019

A warm welcome to Rabat!

The autumn semester has commenced at the NIMAR institute. Thirty-three students with amongst others Dutch, Austrian, German and British nationalities have arrived to Rabat both by plane, bus and ferry, and even by means of hitchhiking!

The majority of them are staying with host families and some have chosen to live in an apartment. During the introductory on Monday, one of the students, Daan, noted: “Soon after arriving at my host family, a collective meeting was called to give me a new Moroccan name. I am now Ilias and an official member of the family”.

IMG 20190913 WA0006 week 1

The introductory day consisted of a welcome by the team of NIMAR, some icebreaker games followed by a delicious couscous lunch made by Fanida and her sisters and a tour through Rabat with local guides. The guides had similar ages to the students and easily connected with them. Some of the guides, just like Daan’s host family, decided to provide their group of students with Moroccan names. Hence, Sanne became Samira and Jarie is now only listening to Yusra. Others were invited over for dinner with the guides. The next day, the regular lecture week started and most students have now learned some first words in Darija, such as kif dayer? (how are you?) and Shnu smiytek? (What is your name?). On Wednesday, the first excursion took place in Salé with Drs. Mohammed Krombi, an archeologist full of positive energy. The students were intrigued by his stories about the old medina of Salé.

Overall, this week has been a fruitful outset and we are looking forward to the rest of the semester!

IMG 20190913 WA0012 week 2