06 December 2023 - 11 December 2023

Documentary screening « Between Blue Waves and Green Corridors »

Exploring Dutch Cultural Heritage Through « Between Blue Waves and Green Corridors »

The Netherlands Institute in Morocco welcomes you to the screening of “Between Blue Waves and Green Corridors » in the presence of the artist and director Hans van Houwelingen and actors Jack Engelbrecht and Bram Kuypers. 

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Directed by

Hans van Houwelingen




74 minutes





  • Wednesday, December 6, at 5:00 PM at Cinéma Rif in Tangier. 

  • Friday, December 8, at 7:00 PM at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech. 

  • Monday, December 11, at 6:30 PM at Cinéma Renaissance in Rabat. 

The screening will be followed by a discussion with renowned figures in the Moroccan art scene:

Malika Chaghal: General Delegate of the Cinémathèque de Tanger and Secretary-General of the National Order of Architects, Regional Council of Tanger, Tetouan, Al Hoceima. 

Mouaad Aboulhana: Moroccan visual artist living and creating in Tangier. 


Salima Tazi: Director of the Arts & Cultures Institute for Development (IACD) in Marrakech 

Doha el Mouhammadi: Curator and in charge of Artistic Projects at Comptoir des Mines Galerie in Marrakech

Moulim Laaroussi : Art critic, philosopher, writer, and curator 

Yasmina Naji: Publisher, curator, and founder of KULTE Centre for Contemporary Art & Editions


In 2017, the Municipality of Arnhem in the Netherlands plans to demolish the iconic environmental seventies artwork Blue Waves by artist Peter Struycken, to make way for a new park-like interior within its Green Corridor project. Artist Hans van Houwelingen recruits a group of students from ArteZ art academy that start a research on the context in which this development takes place.


The academy board officially distances itself from these students, whose political activities interfered with real estate interests. Secretly the academy supported the demolition plans of the city. The project then was continued independently of the academy and grew into a two-year study by an autonomous group of young artists that called itself the ArteZTeam. This resulted in the film: Between Blue Waves and Green Corridors. 

The many municipal council meetings and many interview with politicians, historians, citizens, schools, business companies, lawyers, heritage institutions, museums, architects, art lovers and art haters, show that nobody really knows the rules and codes of conduct to take care of public cultural heritage. Are there any at all?
In art films, the artwork usually plays the leading role within a cultural, economic and political framework. In this film the roles are reversed, the framework plays the leading role. All the actors that we know for enabling art- those who assess and safeguard art- are here themselves protagonists in an inscrutable drama: of the “culture” in which cultural heritage is prayer. Not least, it is the young artists themselves - taking the interviews and portray themselves - who implicitly sketch the contours of a vulnerable new generation that is finding its way in a politicized artistic climate and the elusive domain of the urban public space.



Lezing: Documentary screening « Between Blue Waves and Green Corridors »
Date: 06 December 2023 - 11 December 2023
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: 6/ 8/ 11 December 2023